Monday, October 19, 2009

New Knitting

I have recently had an increase in my yarn buying budget (up from $0.00), and now feel pressured to knit more. I am not a stasher, generally, but working at a LYS has it's privilages. I am currently working on two sweaters, one is a cardigan done in Briggs and Little 3 ply Atlantic. This is a great, coarse-ish woolen spun yarn which whould make EZ and Brooklyn Tweed proud. I really enjoy working with it, and I love nice hearty, natural wool. The sweater is about half done, and no roadblocks yet. It currently looks like an overgrown swatch, so nothing to take a picture of yet.

The other sweater is a seamless pullover done in Cascade 220 with a cool construction adjustment, which makes it unique and intersting, without being wierd. The Cascade220 is great for this project, it is soft enough for a fitted sweater, but not too fussy.

My LYS/Place of employment has Harrisville Shetland on sale, so I had to buy some (17hanks) of it. It will become two Fair Isle vests, with unorthodox construction (notice a pattern here?). I have done the designs, but I have told myself that I will not cast it on until I get the others done.

Other than that, I have a few lace projects sitting on needles begging for attention, but they will have to wait. hopefully new pictures soon, and patterns to follow.

ciao for niao

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